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Invitation: Machine-learning: Bias In, Bias Out - Toon Calders (UAntwerpen)

  • May 7, 2021



Invitation: Machine-learning: Bias In, Bias Out - Toon Calders (UAntwerpen)

First lecture of the new seminar series ‘Sense & Sensibility of AI’

Flemish AI Academy, a collaboration between all Flemish universities


Decisions made through predictive algorithms, sometimes reproduce inequalities that are already present in society. Is it possible to create a data mining process that is aware of fairness? Are algorithms biased because humans are? Or is this the way machine learning works at its most fundamental level?


Prof. Toon Calders is a professor at the computer science department of the University of Antwerp, focusing his research on data mining and machine learning. He was one of the first to investigate how to measure and prevent algorithmic biases in machine learning, and was also one of the editors of the book 'Discrimination and Privacy in the Information Society - Data Mining and Profiling in Large Databases'.


This lecture is the first of the new series "Sense & Sensibility of AI" of the Flemish AI Academy and focuses on the different aspects of Ethics in AI, for Ph.D. students. Not only do we encourage them to be aware of the ethical challenges, but we also teach methodologies for identifying, assessing, and possibly solving ethical problems. We tackle topics such as bias and fairness, privacy, trustworthiness, and the balancing of technical, social, and legislative perspectives. For this series, the Flemish AI Academy works together with all Flemish universities.



  • When: 28 May 2021, 11-12h
  • Location: online
  • Contact: Laura Alonso -
  • Language: English
  • Target group: Ph.D. students with insight into the technical aspects of AI & machine learning


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