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This project provides a new corpus of digitised textual sources related to historical court depositions. The infrastructure consists of a crowd-sourcing platform, where handwritten documents are entered into a collaborative database and annotated for further use. As such, DH-CODE will contribute to the development of a semantic annotation platform, test the use of handwritten text recognition tools to assist the digitization process, and provide a corpus that is ideally suited for developing expertise in the automated analysis and annotation of historical text data. 



IMMIBEL is a collaboration between the State Archives of Belgium, the VUB, ULB and Antwerp University. It contributes to our understanding of 19th-century migration patterns to Belgium, based on a large-scale collection of structured data, record linkage, and statistical, GIS, life course, social network and qualitative analysis. 



The Spatiotemporal Research Infrastructure for Early Modern Flanders and Brabant project collects statistical data at the local and regional level for the early modern period, structures them into databases and provides those with georeferencing. It provides a comprehensive data infrastructure for quantitative research on the social and economic history of the pre-industrial period. The project uses the IIIF mapping and semantic annotation services.